Cadets Day 5

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Today we wore our greens and hiked to the woods. At the woods we played two games of hide and seek, where we had 2 minutes to hide, then a troop of people would try and find us. We played that and man hunt until it got dark. The aim of man hunt was one person from each team had to hide and we would form one long line, stretching across the whole Forest and search. In the end, our team leader found the hiding person. Once it was dark, we played capture the flag, with glow sticks. Unfortunately our team lost, I didn’t get out, but it was a great team building experience! We then headed back to base, once we got back I grabbed my drink and drank the whole thing, as I had forgotten to take it with me. Then we did our end of session formations and this time I could salute because I had my uniform on! Yeah…

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