Cadets Day 2

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Day 2 was a week later on Monday, so no one wore their uniforms. We did our start of the session drill and then headed up onto the fields to play games. We played cricket and murder ball, for once in these games I didn’t feel left out or isolated, I had great fun. We all headed back down to our squadron and we learned about safety, when using a radio to communicate. I learned a lot about how to speak to someone over the radio, some of the things I learnt where, not to speak to low, as its harder for the person on the other radio to hear. Not speaking too quietly, not speaking too fast, you also need a good steady rhythm. When using a name of something private or important, you should use a code name e.g. Sunray is the coded name for the leader. We finished lessons, just before 21:30, we lined up in formation and did drill, this time I didn’t salute 🙂

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