Little Explorers Learning (Time)

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Today we all met at Truro train station and were allocated  groups of children to look after. My two girls were lovely, we got on the train and set off to the maritime museum in Falmouth. Our learning session was about time, we did the study outside of the museum and also made some paper clocks. We taught the kids about time and then played a fun game of “What’s the time Mr Wolf”. Then we all headed back to the train station only to realise, we were so caught up learning about time no one had checked the time and we had missed the train! Fortunately we were only delayed 20 min and we got back to Truro, safely just 20 minutes after we’d planned. I learnt a lot about time keeping and that when you have something planned you should always keep an eye on time or you’ll potentially miss, what you wanted to do.

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