cadets day 8

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Today I stood at the gate for the first time it was cool I felt very powerful but I’m not as I’m not even first rank cadet yet. We did sporting activities one of the corporals (which are the older cadets) got me out first when we were playing dodge ball (he hit me in the head) and because he felt bad he let me join his team which was really cool, we also played two rounds of tug of war first the girls where on team 1 and team 1 one! And then all the girls where moved to team 2 there were only 4 girls and team 2 one! So it was obviously the girls who were the strongest. We then went for tuck, for the second session we also played sports games but this time we played bench ball and both teams tied, we then ended the session with a 20-minute drill it went on for quite a while my legs got really tired.

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